Still recording. We're looking for more guests!

Hi everyone! In case you've stumbled onto this website early, here's a bit of a "casting call" I'm holding for the show. If you read the following and decide that you're interested in becoming a guest, please contact me via email at

The purpose of the podcast is to inform the public of different lifestyles and professions (not only limited to sex workers and different sexual lifestyles. Anything from EMTs to bouncers to... anything off the beaten path), along with unique hidden gems that SoCal has to offer such as dungeons, unknown landmarks/shops etc. Ultimately, the goal is to reduce or remove the negative stigma attached to members of certain communities, activities, lifestyles, etc. that the public doesn't have a good understanding of. As for how it benefits me on a personal level, I love to listen to people talk about themselves, especially if it's something that they are passionate about. I'm here to learn, just like I hope that the listeners will be.

The format of the show is simple. I want to keep things as close to a regular conversation as possible, and I really want the guest to talk about whatever they wish to talk about, whether that involves their upbringing, current/past lifestyles, advice to others who are looking to get into the same things, etc. I may be including a section that incorporates listener questions in the future. I currently have a few guests lined up so far, and I'll start recording with them in the next couple of weeks. I'm wondering if any of you would be willing to be a guest on my podcast or whether y'all know anyone that I could try to reach that might be interested.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this!

In case anyone is curious, some of the guests that have agreed to be on the show include: a fashion designer, an escort, a former escort driver, a drag queen, a former porn cameraman, amongst others.